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Electronic Security

Guardians Security at age internet of Things Company with a vision of being the largest provider of electronic Security services in Delhi. Secures offers distinctive monitored in Intrusion Alarm Solutions to meet the need of high-value asset protection of its clients.

Electronic Security is basically the clandestine and generally remote checking of discussions and exercises at a specific area, for instance, at one's home with a specific end goal to screen a tyke minder or the exercises of administration individuals or contractual workers who may approach your premises while you are away.

Our Facility Management Division is persistently prepared, overseen and motivated to serve you with an additional standard ordeal. We consider all desires for our customers and precisely deal with inputs. At Top shield, Housekeeping division is prepared to effectively benefit you with time management skills. The enrollment of maids is an exhaustive system and later they are all around trained and taught with the learning of present day machine treatment, most recent innovation and working in fact propelled hardware like business vacuum cleaners and rubbing machinery.

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